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Macchina da cucire

Craftsmanship and industrialization

Each process is studied and carried out by hand, to be subsequently industrialized in every process.

The company is structured with cutting-edge machinery and specialized personnel: the strengths of the company, which allow to obtain a higher quality in a short time.

Fashion Sketch

Made in Italy

All our works are carried out in our laboratory, from the graphic study to the realization:

laser cutting and engravings on fabrics, leathers and uppers, three-dimensional effects with "embossing" technique, rivet applications, applications and transfert in rhinestones and top quality studs and Swarovski® crystals, special stitching such as pleats, pleating, strictly manual curling, coupling and coating, hot pressing.


30 years of history

Samatex is a beautiful family story, a boast of Italian excellence which, instead of stopping like others to look for shortcuts or, worse, giving up, after its artisan birth, transformed itself into an industrial reality capable of attracting a demanding and loyal clientele, always finding answers to its customers' needs.

pista di decollo

Serving the brand

Each project is followed scrupulously by our internal style office, ensuring a 360° consultancy and studying solutions and alternatives for any need.

The guarantee of non-disclosure of each project is of fundamental importance to us.

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