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Thirty years of success under the banner of creativity and a more original and innovative experimentation.
Samatex started as an artisan family company and, over the years, it has become a textile factory specialized in luxury applications and decorations.

The company is set like a precious gem in Cardano al Campo, in the heart of Pianura Padana, which prides itself on always moving forward even when the road gets tough.

We offer the guarantee of a top quality product that has no rival, in order to create high level and innovative collections.


Its mostly Italian and French clientele has big dreams for their collections: they are looking for enhancing their textile through the application of crystals, studs, precious embroidery, laser decorations, carving, plisset, and much more; an endless list of possibilities to transform any ordinary fabric and make it unique and exclusive.

Thanks to Samatex, designers are able to make their most ambitious projects come to life.


Thanks to its cutting-edge equipment and the skilled hands of its artisans who perfect the product, Samatex creates collections that are always one step ahead of its direct competitors.


In Samatex world, everything is made of pure light and glamour, and, above all, sublime savoir-faire. Well-finished details, avant-garde experiments on both techno and eco-friendly fabrics, and the natural ability to provide its customers exactly what they want make Samatex one of those excellence companies of the Made in Italy that has always been a synonym for luxury and elegance in the world.


The magnificence of the tradition merges with the endless possibilities of the most innovative and eclectic experimentation; the result is sheer beauty. This is Samatex philosophy: not just keeping up with the current trends, but always being one step ahead, thus gaining the reputation for a truly “avant-garde” brand.

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