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Balmain: the mini-dress worn by Emily Cooper from Emily in Paris

"Emily in Paris" is a TV series launched on the well-known Netflix platform.

The series chronicles the adventures of a girl from Chicago who has relocated to Paris, the city of fashion, where she will have to fill in for a colleague at a prestigious communications firm working in luxury and fashion.

Emily Cooper's (Lily Collins) job will be to bring the American point of view to the agency, which follows rather dated communication strategies.

Throughout the episodes, Emily sports extraordinary looks: beanies, exorbitant minidresses, glitzy dresses, designer handbags and accessories, color weaves and phenomenal pairings.

Among these dizzying looks, the beautiful Lily Collins wore a signature Balmain minidress, now on sale commercially on Farfetch: a pleasant surprise for Samatex to catch a glimpse of the dress she has manipulated so much, in a mix of vintage and ready-to-wear outfits from many well-known luxury brands.

What other looks will our Emily wear?

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