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Blue Phelix and the light masks

We present a project that is a source of pride for us and that describes our world, made of light and emotions. And we felt the emotion, loud and clear, thanks to the skill of Blue Phelix and that of those who are behind it, in the backstage, where everything takes shape: we have put our heart and we produced masks for the Talent Show studded with sparkling #SwarovskiCrystals which made the stage even brighter.

Thanks to the skill of our team, Samatex has produced these very particular scenographic masks, studded entirely with Swarovski® crystals, paying particular attention to the complex fabric selected by the scenography staff.< /p>

The processing phases were heterogeneous, but we can boldly say that the outcome was exciting.

We take this opportunity to once again thank #SwarovskiforProfessionals for the opportunity and trust in our company.

Music helps you not to hear the silence outside. "Johann Sebastian Bach"

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