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Haute Couture spring summer 2023 Balmain

Samatex, with the entire staff, made it possible to create this artwork for the Haute Couture fashion show designed by Olivier Rousteing: a fusion of overlapping, knotted fabrics, materials and techniques shaped an outfit revealing a "nature" theme, inspired by Baroque paintings combined with all the natural elements: water, fire, earth, air.

A magical and amazing show in which the Balmain collection Haute Couture spring summer 2023 was unquestionably the starring.

In the video, the dress inspired to Venus from Balmain prêt-à-porter.

From first sun the hair-froth shimmered

on the wide curl of wave, on whose lip

the girl stood—white, wet, confused.

As a blade of new green leaf stirs,

stretches, uncoils itself and slowly opens,

her body unfolded into cool sea-air

and into untouched early morning breeze.

The birth of venus

Rainer Maria Rilke

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