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Samatex integrates embroidery in its workshop

The starting bases of the company are artisanal: a small business that took off thanks to a passion for textiles, which in the early years was involved in providing framing and manual carving services to the many embroidery factories located in the Varesotto area, have made possible an important evolution of the same, seizing many opportunities for growth and specializing in the most innovative processing techniques.

Establishing itself therefore in the world of luxury fashion, Samatex has established to include in its laboratory an entire department dedicated to embroidery: placed designs, sequins, beads, shims, sponge stitches...perfercting not only in the usual techniques of embroidery, but also in the types of laser processing, rhinestones and exclusive techniques, sensing the need to mix the various processing techniques.

Starting from the unique show garment to the industrialization of it, the results are outstanding:

If you are curious about our history, we will soon publish a prestigious article about us.

“People don’t have to believe in you for you succeed. Just work hard, when you succeed, they will believe"

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